Our challenge was to introduce the world famous language App Duolingo to young people aged 16 – 22, to inspire them to make language learning a daily part of their routine. More specifically we had to develop a design solution that speaks to 16–22-year-olds globally and drive them to download and incorporate Duolingo into their daily habits.
In our solution we brought the social world that interest young people so much together
with the educational language app Duolingo. Duopal is a partnership between Duolingo
and the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook. Our concept is designed to
improve our target markets user experience and help them in in their learning goals. We
surely will succeed on driving large numbers to download the app and to incorporate it
into their daily lives.
Jessica Molesini is a perfectionist, she developed an extended research on our target marketing, social media usage and user experience. She also described our project proposal in detail and later in the project, she created all mock-ups for our Duopal prototypes and Facebook prototypes. Jess used a platform online to verify the mock-ups and its functionalities, she also recorded a video of the prototypes in function, her work and contribution for the group is amazing. 
I was inspired by her work and dedication.
Daire Leonard worked as a leader, he has experience working on projects and he is good at motivating and co-ordinating.
He created a very detailed project plan including a list of all tasks. He also kept all meeting minutes, estimated time and checked whether the tasks were running order.
He also worked on the Duopal app functionalities and Presentation slides. The plan worked so well following his direction, his detailed documents of the meetings and the Duopal functionalities are outstanding.
Jessica Molesini App Interface and Video
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